Ajani's Story - National Junior Games 2019

‘It’s the getting out and about that has made a real difference to Ajani’s outlook, having incredible events like WheelPower’s National Junior Games available to attend gives him the confidence to know that he is far more capable of achieving many more things.’

Ajani has aspergers and was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, which means that his bones are prone to fractures.

Ajani has always been very active, and dreams about being a Paralympian. His mum carried out a Google search for ‘Disabled sports competitions and opportunities’, and WheelPower’s National Junior Games came up. They hurried to complete the application at the last minute and here they are!

‘His goal is to play competitive sports and to win medals, that’s what his aim is in life, and he will strive to do that in any way that he can’, says his mum.

Wheelchair basketball has always been one of Ajani’s favourite sports, however, he has never played at a competitive level, which is what he’d like to achieve.

He highlights shooting and fencing as one of his favourite activities so far at The National Junior Games.

‘This makes him happy’, says his mum, ‘he is at his happiest when he is playing around in the garden with is bow and arrow or being active in any way, and being here at the National Junior Games, for Ajani it's like a home away from home’. ‘There is just so much scope here for Ajani to discover just who he is capable of becoming’, she continues.

‘I just want to come here every year!’, says Ajani, I love the National Junior Games because it brings all people of different disabilities together to discover things about themselves and each other that they never even knew about.’

Ajani went on to win the Andy Wallace Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Speaking about winning the award: ‘It’s been quite a buzz, I’m really happy that I got it and I’m thankful to everybody - the coaches, the parents, the officials, everybody. It’s been phenomenal’.