Cameron's Story - Exercise at Home with WheelPower 2020

Cameron is 11 years old and has Spastic Quad Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, mild learning needs and spends all day in his wheelchair. The current situation has meant Cameron has been in lockdown at home and unable to take part in his usual daily exercise routine.

As Cameron explains, “I would usually be more active if I wasn’t in lockdown and I have a full physical management programme at school that uses lots of different equipment every day. I would also swim twice per week, play wheelchair tennis and have an intensive physio session once a week too.”

His mum found the Exercise at Home with WheelPower Videos whilst searching Facebook for videos that were both inclusive and fun. Cameron has since taken part in his first ever Yoga session with Nina and recently tried the Circuit Exercises with Ella.  

“As I am learning from home at the moment we decided to use these exercise videos for my P.E lessons. I find these videos help me to move and stretch in ways that I don’t usually get to and it’s aimed at people in wheelchairs like me, so I can take part fully and be part of the whole session.”

Cameron and his family are very grateful for the Exercise at Home with WheelPower videos as they have not only helped keep him active but have also provided a very important break in what can be a very monotonous day. It also allows them to take part together and Cameron’s family can’t watch either, as he explains “Anyone in the house can take part as they can sit on a dining chair if they need to!”

It’s very important to Cameron to be taught by an instructor who is also in a wheelchair as this helps him to see what he should be doing and the movements needed for someone in a wheelchair. As he explains, “It’s great to be taught by someone in a chair just like me and I love that I don’t have to adapt to the session to get the best from it.”

Cameron and his family are very happy to have discovered the WheelPower videos and are very much looking forward to doing many more of them during this extended period of lockdown.

Thank you Cameron for sharing your story and we hope you continue to enjoy our videos.

Cameron's Favourite WheelPower Exercises:

Exercise at Home with WheelPower

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