Case Study - Benjamin Bryan Norman - Southport Spinal Injuries Unit

Benjamin came to the Inter-Spinal Unit Games 2019 from Southport Spinal Injuries Unit

He worked for his Dad’s joinery company, after training up in Level 2 and 3 Joinery. Football was his passion, in his own words he ‘ate, slept, and played football’.

However, in May 2018, Benjamin almost lost his life in a suicide attempt.  He punctured his lungs and broke his back after plummeting from a bridge. Miraculously and luckily, he survived and has joined WheelPower at The Inter-Spinal Unit Games to tell the tale.

‘I have to give my utmost thanks to all involved who have helped me recover since the incident’, comments Benjamin, ‘particularly Helen at Stanmore who has helped me to see a more positive picture of life’.

‘Here, at the Inter-Spinal Unit Games, I can see how I can go forward and progress on this new path that life has given me’, he continues.

‘I want to stay active, and the Inter Spinal Unit Games 2019 have inspired me!’ admits Benjamin. ‘I have a new ambition, and can see how staying active and healthy through accessible sports like the ones available at these Games here today can give me that drive that I need to get out of the house and meet new people who have potentially been in the same position as me’, continues Benjamin’.

‘I like to think that with my story, I am helping to inspire others out there who have been through a similar experience as me, and to reassure them that you do get a second chance at life’, explains Benjamin.

‘WheelPower’s activities have offered me a new social circle that can empathise with me and I realise now that I am not alone in my struggles. The whole thing has given me a renewed sense of purpose, which keeps me out of sticky situations!’, he jokes.

For many newly injured adults, attending the Inter-Spinal Unit Games pushes them out of their comfort zone, and to Benjamin, this is no exception, however it is clear to see that Benjamin really has thrived in at the Inter Spinal Unit Games at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

‘Thank you to all the donors and fundraisers out there who have made an event like this possible, I have benefited so much from it, and it’s helped me get back on the right track after the trauma that I have experienced’, comments Benjamin.