Claire's Story - Exercise at Home with WheelPower 2020

Claire is a 51 years old lady from West Yorkshire and has Spina Bifida. As a result she is paralysed from the waist down and is a permanent wheelchair user. Due to Coronavirus she has been self-isolating and has been looking for things she can do from home, to remain active and to give her something to focus on.

Claire’s regular exercise routine has changed significantly since we entered lockdown and as she explains, “I usually go to my local gym once a week, I ride 10km on my hand-bike and go for pushes outdoors when the weather is nice.”

“The lockdown has prevented me from being able to go to the gym and to me not going out as much. This lack of activity has had an impact on my weight, pain and strength hence why I am trying to stay active at home.”

After a friend shared the WheelPower Yoga Videos on Facebook Claire has become a regular participant. The videos have now become part of her weekly routine and she is very happy to have found them.

The exercises have benefited her greatly and as Claire continues to explain, “I have never done any Yoga before but it is something that I have always wanted to try. I was unaware that it was something that a wheelchair user could take part in and didn’t realise that there were videos for Wheelchair users to follow.”

“Due to my disability I have quite severe pain in my neck and shoulders and I also get very stiff from sitting for long periods of time but I have found that if I follow the videos on a regular basis the stiffness goes away and the pain also goes away too. The rotation movement frees up the tension and pain that I have from sitting all the time. This has meant that I am pain free, my movement is so much better and I also need to take less pain relief.”

As well as the physical benefits of the Yoga videos Claire also comments that taking part in the sessions have helped her mental state and that she finds them very relaxing.

Claire also has some great advice for fellow wheelchair users who want to stay active during this time; “I’ve found it very easy to workout at home. Not only does it keep me fit but being active also helps me to maintain my upper body strength which I need for day to day life. I would definitely recommend the videos to Wheelchair users.”

Claire's Favourite WheelPower Exercises:

Exercise at Home with WheelPower

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