Claydon CC 2021 Tour de Vale Story

Claydon Cycling Club prepares for ‘local cycling event of the year’

Members of Claydon Cycling Club (CCC) are whipping themselves into shape to support The MKFM Tour de Vale Charity Bike Ride on 19 September 2021.

Notably Buckinghamshire's biggest charity cycling event, the annual ride raises vital funds for WheelPower, based at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, to transform the lives of thousands of disabled children and newly injured adults.

Claydon Cycling Club has chosen this event to showcase its commitment to inclusive group cycling and road safety ethos, as well as raising funds for the Charity.

Following on from the successful Academy program, the Club continues to host twice-weekly rides, as well as maintenance and fitness workshops to encourage even the rustiest of cyclists to dust off their saddles and find a safe way to keep fit - whilst of course fully immersing themselves in the best of Bucks’ countryside!

Encouraging people to take to two wheels remains the Club’s ethos however making the most of the summer season, riders have been honing their skills, upping their speeds, attending workshops and embarking on specific fitness classes tailored to cycling – all free of charge to members of the Club.

John Bull, Chair of Claydon Cycling Club says: “We are delighted with the recent surge in our membership. It is evident that initiatives such as Academy and workshops are giving local people the confidence to put down their car keys and pump up their tyres! Furthermore, we have been joined by riders from other Buckinghamshire clubs willing to share their expertise in both ride leadership and road safety.”

The Club is eagerly awaiting the delivery of new branded club kit. The jerseys, designed in conjunction with recognised cycling brand Le Col, are planned to arrive just in time for the Tour de Vale. CCC hope that being a visible entity at such a well-established event will further promote the message that cycling can be safe and accessible to all.

Jo Hall, Tour de Vale Organiser says: “We are delighted that Claydon Cycling Club have chosen to enter the 2021 MKFM Tour de Vale. We welcome their inclusive ethos to physical activity and look forward to seeing them at Stoke Mandeville Stadium in September. The support of local people is what makes this event so special and after having to run the event virtually in 2020, we are so excited to be hosting our biggest fundraiser of the year once again.”

Press release written by: Claydon Cycling Club 31 July 2021

Claydon Cycling Club is a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing safe and enjoyable rides for its members. The club was formed in Spring 2020 and has grown considerably due to its open and welcoming nature which attracts both men and women across a range of abilities.

Visit (or click on the image above) to find out how you to can sign up for this year's event on Sunday 19 September

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