Danny's Story

Ever fancied trying your hand at Disability Cue Sports?


Danny suffered a fall from 20Ft in 1983. He was left blinded in his right eye and has had to adapt to life as a tetraplegic. Keen to continue to live a positive life, in 1985 he took up snooker as part of tetraplegic class and became a very successful player.

Taking part in sport gave him the confidence he needed to take charge of his life again.

He then proceeded to try American Pool, which took him to tournaments around the world.

By this point, Danny had won the British National Championships four times since taking up sport.

‘It was a brilliant time for me. Cue Sports has been my life’, states Danny.

I’ve been coming to Stoke Mandeville Stadium since 1985, and taking part in WheelPower’s sports activities. The initiatives that WheelPower have at Stoke Mandeville Stadium for wheelchair users and disabled people, are incredible.

The activities here are also unique in the sense that some of the sports are ‘All Inclusive’, meaning that wheelchair users can train or play sports alongside members of the public who are not disabled.

‘I have to admit’, says Danny, ‘WheelPower and their disability sport activities have given me a new sense of worth, it fills my life and gives me the purpose I need to be who I want to be and reach my potential.

‘It’s not very often that you come across a place that ticks all the boxes, but I must say, WheelPower does that for me, and there’s no reason why it can’t do that for others too’.

Even though you’ve never tried sports in your entire life, just the pure and simple act of movement, of any kind, you’ll feel the difference, and you’ll probably find your social life improves too!