David's Story - Online Exercise Classes

David is a regular attendee of the WheelPower Online Exercise Classes and he is currently our only participant from the Channel Islands. After seeing the class on the BBC One Show back in May 2021 he signed himself up and has been taking part ever since.

This is David’s story …

David is 59 years old and lives on the beautiful island of Guernsey with his wife. In 2012 he was diagnosed with a rare progressive muscle wasting disease called Inclusion Body Myositis. As he explains, “The disease primarily affects my legs, arms and hands and I have now reached the point where walking becomes more and more difficult.”

Before the disease progressed David had a successful career in the finance industry. “I started my own business in 2006 and after 11 years I sold it. Since this time, I have worked from home as a business consultant.” As well as his achieving his business goals David is also a keen sportsman and especially through the game of golf. “I was a very keen golfer and played off scratch. I played for Guernsey many times and also played for the county of Hampshire.”

With David’s condition progressing and the Covid-19 pandemic upon us, he was looking for new ways to keep active and exercise from his home. As he explains:

“It is essential for my disease that I exercise regularly, although I have to be careful not to overdo it and damage the muscles. I was able to do exercise at home and I am also fortunate enough to have a pool at home, so I swim as much as possible in the summer which is very helpful for loosening my muscles.”

In May 2021 David sat down to watch the BBC One Show which included a feature about WheelPower’s Online Exercise Classes, and more specifically those of former GB wheelchair basketball player Ella Beaumont. He was impressed by what he saw and found himself searching Google to sign up for a class in the week that followed! 

“I initially heard about the classes from seeing Ella on TV and I think I have probably been doing the classes for about 9 months now. I try to do all 3 classes a week if I can and as I was able to do the online classes through the lockdowns my exercise routine was not affected too much by the pandemic, which was great. I have very much enjoyed doing all the classes and especially learning yoga with Nina as I have never done yoga before.”

As well as the live online classes David has also benefited from using some of the WheelPower Online Exercise Videos on YouTube and he has recently received a free set of WheelPower Resistance Bands from the charity.

We are very grateful to David for sharing his story with us and we hope it may inspire you to be more active and to sign up for a live WheelPower class in 2022. These weekly classes have become a vital resource to disabled people just like David and not only have they helped them to feel physically fitter but they have also created a nationwide community of friendships.

If you would like to take part in a class please book a free ticket using the following link: wheelpower.org.uk/sport-events

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