Malachy who took part in the National Junior Games

Malachy was born with Congenital Muscle Dystrophy which means that over time his muscles will get weaker and tighter. By the age of 12, he’d lost the ability to walk and by the age of 14, he couldn’t stand up.

As his disability has progressed, Malachy’s family had to move home and he has to change school.

Malachy attended WheelPower’s National Junior Games, a multisport event for disabled children aged 12 to 18. The Games inspired Malachy and he has discovered new things about himself that he didn’t know before or had even considered prior to meeting new people and trying new sports and activities.

Out of all the sports Malachy enjoyed Boccia the most because it was very tactical. The Games have improved Malachy’s self confidence and he left wanting to give new activities a try. He really enjoyed the incredible sense of community the Games provided as well as meeting new people.

“I am astounded with how much the National Junior Games  have stretched my ability to levels I never thought they’d go!”