Martin's 60@60 Challenge for WheelPower

This June Martin McElhatton OBE, Chief Executive of WheelPower, has decided to celebrate his 60th birthday by taking on a special personal challenge to raise funds to help the charity to restart sport for disabled people after the pandemic.

During the month of June Martin will be pushing 60km and in doing so aims to raise £6,000 for WheelPower (the National Charity for Wheelchair Sport). With everyone’s support the money raised from the 60@60 Challenge will help WheelPower to restart national programmes for fellow wheelchair users after the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes the important work that WheelPower does for newly injured patients within spinal units through the Physical Activity Advisor programme and others living with a spinal cord injury. The money raised from Martin’s challenge will also support young disabled people through our sports festivals and annual events programme which the charity is so looking forward to starting again.

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In 2020 WheelPower saw a 50% reduction in fundraising income due to the cancellation and postponement of key events, so now more than ever before every penny raised by taking on a fundraising challenge for the charity will make such a huge difference. As Martin celebrates his 60th birthday and over 34 years at WheelPower, we hope you will join us in cheering him on, donating to his 60@60 Challenge and supporting more disabled people to enjoy the wonderful physical and mental health benefits from sport and physical activity.

WheelPower has faced many challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic and has had to adapt and develop new ways of supporting disabled people to stay active during an extended period of self-isolation and shielding. The WheelPower Exercise at Home programme now includes over 38 online workouts which have provided new opportunities for disabled people of all ages and abilities to maintain fitness and benefit physically and mentally from being active. WheelPower has led the way in delivering live Online Exercise Classes and now hosts 3 per week that includes cardio, circuits and adaptive yoga. The charity has also supported over 500 individuals with the gift of exercise equipment through our Resistance Bands programme.

After a whole year of lockdowns and uncertainly we now look ahead positively to a return to play, a return to sports facilities and return to events as we know them. It has been an incredibly tough year for the charity sector financially but organisations like WheelPower have adapted to the challenges faced during the pandemic and have continued to support thousands of disabled people to improve their health and wellbeing.

“The Exercise at Home online programmes have had a fantastic impact and we are so pleased to hear how much disabled people have benefited. It has been wonderful to see how the help we have provided has enabled disabled people to maintain their physical and mental health during the pandemic and we thank everyone for supporting WheelPower during these unprecedented times.” Martin McElhatton OBE, Chief Executive of WheelPower.


1 June 2021 - Martin begins his challenge on the famous Stoke Mandeville track. The first 2.7km is completed cheered on by colleagues Chris, Paul and Jo (pictured) Thank you to the Ultimate Promotion Company for the fantastic t-shirts that Martin will be wearing throughout his challenge. 

8 June 2021 - Martin is now a week into his 60@60 Challenge for WheelPower, having already completed 15.86km and raising over 60% of his fundraising target.  

" I really am motivated by the incredible support from you all and your support will help WheelPower restart after the pandemic, we can't wait to get back to providing face-to-face events as well as continuing our wonderful online classes and films. Thank you to everyone who has donated and offered words of support, they really mean a lot and are helping me to reach my target for WheelPower."

15 June 2021 - The Halfway Point! £5,600 raised and 32km pushed as we reach the middle of the month long 60@60 Challenge.

"My push around the local park tonight took my total to 32.39km, so I'm thrilled to now be over halfway to my 60@60 Challenge. In recent days I celebrated 32 years since I joined WheelPower and I’m so grateful for all the happy years helping the charity provide opportunities for disabled people to enjoy sport and physical activity.

I am hugely thankful for the wonderful support, including some offline donations which have really boosted the total for WheelPower. It has been hugely appreciated and I am motivated to reach my fundraising and pushing targets and maybe even surpass them with your help. Every penny will go to help us help disabled men, women and children to play sport and be active. Thank you again to everyone who has donated so far and who have helped me to keep pushing forward to raise as much as possible." - Martin

June 17 - Fundraising target of £6,000 reached! 

"Today, thanks to your amazing support, I reached my initial target of £6,000 which is truly fantastic.  Everyone at WheelPower would like to thank you for the incredible support for my 60@60 Challenge. I have over 20km still to push and will be working towards achieving this and my new £10,000 target to celebrate turning 60!  I have been motivated to get active again, particularly after the pandemic. The funds raised will help others with disabilities to be active and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of sport and activity. " - Martin 

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