Resistance Bands – Alice’s Story

Alice is a 15 year old wheelchair tennis and wheelchair basketball player from Nottingham.

She has multiple conditions, but the one she is most affected by is a condition called Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder. As she explains, “The connective tissue in my body doesn’t work the way it should, meaning I suffer from joint dislocations and subluxations, chronic pain and fatigue and problems with dizziness.”

The arrival of lockdown came at a difficult time for Alice and her growing love for wheelchair tennis.  Her fitness was improving and she was due to up her hours on court. Unfortunately with the closure of leisure facilities Alice was unable to carry on this progression and had to rethink new ways of keeping active, whilst spending more time at home. As she says, “My routine was really altered by the pandemic, which I found hard to cope with the first few weeks. I was in the process of upping my hours on court, which was a big deal for me as I have to be careful not to over do it, due to dislocations, pain and fatigue. The fact that I was ready to play more said my strength and stability had improved a great deal, so I was really worried I would lose that progress over the months where I was unable to play on courts.”

One thing Alice has tried is the online content created by WheelPower. “I used a lot of online content to supplement my home training schedule, from zoom calls, to youtube videos. I found having friends there for the workouts was a massive motivation so I would often call my doubles partner Dan, or my friend Alice so we could do a session together.”

After hearing about the bands through her online tennis group she applied straight away and was really happy when they arrived soon after. “I hadn’t used resistance bands properly before, only to warm up or do some light work on my triceps. I really started to work with them more during lockdown, to try and maintain my fitness levels, so it was amazing to have the set from WheelPower.”

“Because of my disability, I’m not allowed to do any form of weight lifting or high impact training, so these have been incredible and have a firm place in my sessions. I really enjoy tricep extensions, as tricep strength plays such a key part when pushing a chair. The stronger they are, the better I can move around court.”

“I’m so grateful to WheelPower, the combination of the resistance bands and the youtube channel really helped me to maintain some form of a fitness schedule and ensured my joints didn’t deteriorate as much as I had feared. It’s an absolutely incredible charity and I’m so thankful for their support.”

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Apply now for a set of resistance bands so that you can keep active at home during this difficult time. If your application is successful we will send you a resistance band set which will include hand grips, ankle straps and a door anchor that make it easier to target different muscle groups, including biceps and triceps, back and shoulders, chest and legs and abdominals. Resistance training builds resistive power in body muscles and there are many benefits to adding these exercises to your weekly routine.

The bands can be used for the exercises features in our Resistance Band Exercises for Wheelchair Users film or for yoga, warming up before exercising, strength training or physical therapy rehabilitation. They are designed for aerobic and anaerobic exercise, physical fitness and weight loss.

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