WheelPower is committed to diversity in all aspects of its business and activities, including the composition of its Board of Directors.  The Board believes that diversity, along with varied skills and experiences, contributes to a balanced and more effective board.  WheelPower is committed to comply with the Code for Sports Governance.

40% of our Board members are female and 60% male. 
20% of our Board members consider themselves to have a disability or health condition.

52.9% of our staff consider themselves to have a disability or health condition. 
25% of our staff are female and 75% male.

The Board is committed to implementing an open and wide-ranging recruitment process for its appointed directors and Chair that reaches all sectors of the community to attract the widest possible range of applicants for available positions.  The Board encourages the membership to consider diversity when nominating individuals for elected positions.

Click here to download WheelPower's Equality & Diversity Statement and Diversity Action Plan.

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