What do our school visits involve? 

WheelPower's ambassadors or speakers can come in to take an assembly introducing wheelchair sport in a way that is educational and inspiring.

They will tell the story of how the Paralympic Games grew from Sir Ludwig Guttmann's work at Stoke Mandeville and talk about disability awarness, supporting a charity, and competing at sport for Great Britain. 

WheelPower Relay Challenge

Designed specifically for schools, our Relay Challenge gives thousands of children the chance to experience wheelchair sport every year.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to play wheelchair sport?
It’s fun, fast, energetic, and competitive and can be played in any sports hall space.

Our wheelchair relay challenge travels throughout Buckinghamshire and the surrounding counties.  We bring all the equipment and instructors needed to introduce the children to sport.

WheelPower’s Relay Challenge is based on the former Paralympic sport Wheelchair Slalom.  Students will learn the basics of wheelchair sport and test their skills and speed on our challenging relay course using our sports wheelchairs. 

Students will also increase their awareness of disabilities and start to understand the type of training involved to become a Paralympian. 

How is it organised? 

A class of 30 students can complete the challenge in one 45-60 minute session. Sessions are lead by WheelPower staff and all the equipment is provided by us. 

There are no costs to be paid by the school.  We ask that students raise at least £6 in sponsorship each (with a minimum number of 100 fundraisers) in advance of the challenge. 

The money raised will be used to help transform the lives of disabled people at Stoke Mandeville Stadium

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