Angie Malone MBE

Physical Activity Advisor - Glasgow

Angie is the Physical Activity Advisor at the Queen Elizabeth Spinal Injuries Unit in Glasgow working alongside physiotherapists to introduce and encourage newly injured and previous patients to take part in different activities and sports.  

Angie was spinally injured at 16 years old, spending over a year rehabilitating at the spinal unit in Glasgow where she was introduced to a variety of sports. Being a keen swimmer before her accident she competed in the WheelPower Inter Spinal unit games at Stoke Mandeville.

Having a zest for life and determined to live life to the full, Angie took part in every sport made available to her. Snow skiing, water-skiing, kayaking, sailing and many indoor sports. 

Recreational sport also played an important part in her life when she became a mum of two girls. With sporting activities being carried out and enjoyed as a family.

At the age of 36 Angie was introduced to wheelchair curling. Loving the accuracy and precision of the sport and the camaraderie of a team game. She quickly moved from club level to the international stage and a career that saw great success. Competing in hundreds of events around the world including 8 World Championships and 4 winter Paralympic games brought a plethora of medals and awards including winning two World Championships and Silver and Bronze Paralympic medals.

Although retired from performance level sport, Angie still coaches and enjoys regular sporting activity. She has a love for the outdoors and connecting with nature, pushing along canal paths and country parks. And strongly believes in healthy living and enjoying every opportunity to enjoy life to the full.

"Sport has had an incredible empowering positivity in my life. I am passionate about others experiencing that positivity and ensuring sport is accessible and more engaging to all, regardless of age or ability. I would love to help inspire the next generation of elite sportspeople, but also, to encourage everyone to participate in sport, to allow them to enjoy all the physical and mental health benefits and fun that sport brings". 


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