Ian Durrant

Physical Activity Advisor - Stoke Mandeville

Ian is 45 years old and has just had some time out from work and which he used to sail the South Atlantic Ocean, as a crew member, on board SV Tenacious with the Jubilee Sailing trust.  He also cycled the 330miles from London to Paris in the July heat as part of the Back Up Trust ride for Danny event.

Ian sustained a complete SCI in 1992.  Having spent a year or so in rehab at Stoke Mandeville spinal injuries unit, he went back home to re start his life.  He was 19.  Many years later Ian has two hugely enjoyable jobs, working for Waitrose (in Marketing) and WheelPower. 

Ian is one of two Physical Activity Advisors supporting the National Spinal Injuries Unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.  With 120 beds, this is the largest unit of it’s kind in the UK.  The role involves working with the unit staff to assist in-patients with their rehab, the many years of experience he has as a wheelchair user is put to good use in a variety of ways both in a physical and practical sense. 

Ian's favourite hobby is handcycling.  However he does like pushing his chair and will be taking on London Marathon again in 2019, for WheelPower of course!

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