Agility, Balance & Coordination (ABCs) of Sports Wheelchair Movement Course

2 May 2020

ABC of Sports Wheelchair Movement Course

Do you want to want to make your sports session more inclusive?

Course outcomes

Delivered both through practical and theory the course will enable participants to:

  • Understand the underpinning fundamentals of movement in a sports wheelchair to enable you to support your group and make PE lessons/sports sessions more inclusive. The fundamental skills are very basic however they form the basis of all movement in a sports chair and people with these skills embedded will be able to learn new skills quicker.
  • Learn about some basic maintenance that can be carried out on sports wheelchairs. Maintenance is essential to ensure the wheelchair performs the way it should and should become part of a regular programme.
  • Learn activities that can be used to develop skills within lessons/sessions and increase their confidence when working with wheelchair users.

Alongside this, the course can be also used to provide athletes with fundamental skills in movement and ensure they understand the importance of chair setup. This in particular will be useful in an integrated environment where people may be using a sports wheelchair for the first time in terms of user’s safety.

The course is focussed on supporting people with a physical impairment. However it can also support non-disabled people by improving their wheelchair skills in integrated sessions.

Who is the course suitable for?

The training is for those who:

  • Support wheelchair users of all ages within education, and have an opportunity to put the training into practice.
  • For example; any member of school staff at any phase including teachers, teaching assistants, support staff and young leaders.

Length of course

  • 3 hours

Basic requirements to run a course:

  • Named course organiser
  • Sports hall and classroom space for theory and practical aspects
  • Access to sport wheelchairs which are in good condition
  • Minimum of 12 and maximum of 20 participants

Further information

​If you would like further details or to book a course please contact the WheelPower Sports team by clicking here.