Resources: Strategies, Plans & Reports

Physical activity guidelines: UK Chief Medical Officers' report

A report from the Chief Medical Officers in the UK on the amount and type of physical activity people should be doing to improve their health. Read now

Talk to Me

Uses a collaborative approach, working with providers and participants. The aim is to understand the needs, wants and desires of disabled people in sport and physical activity. Also, how to create activities and communications to be more appealing and attractive. Read now

Sport England Strategy: Towards an Active Nation 2016 – 2021

Focuses on the benefits that sport can bring to people and to society, built around a simple set of outcomes: physical wellbeing mental wellbeing individual development social and community development economic development. Public funding is to be directed to delivering these outcomes and success...

Sporting Future: A new strategy for an active nation

This strategy moves beyond merely looking at how many people take part. It considers what people get out of participating and what more can be done to make a physically active life truly transformative. It concentrates on five key outcomes: physical wellbeing mental wellbeing individual development...

Motivate Me

A report published by Activity Alliance and 2CV to understand what motivates and appeals to disabled people to take part in sport and physical activity. Findings based on market research conducted in December 2013 –March 2014. Read now

Scientific exercise guidelines for adults with spinal cord injury

These exercise guidelines provide minimum thresholds for achieving the improved cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle strength, and improved cardiometabolic health. WhellPower strongly advise that you obtain the advice and guidance from your GP or Medical Consultant before dong any exercises.

Inclusive Communications

We know from previous research that psychological barriers are the most significant in preventing disabled people from being active. Language can act as a barrier when it is negative and misrepresents disabled people and their lives. Negative language can also create stigmas and disempowers people...


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