Youth Sport Trust: THE CLASS OF 2035 - Promoting a brighter and more active future for the youth of tomorrow

15 Sep 2021

There are few issues of greater importance to the future welfare of UK society than the physical and emotional wellbeing of young people. The Youth Sport Trust commissioned Future Foundation to examine the future of PE and sport in the UK’s schools. More specifically, this report reaches twenty years forward to the Class of 2035, using the wider societal and social trends we are tracking today as a springboard into the future.

The aims of this report are as follows:

  1. To give a holistic picture of the environment for youth sports and physical education as it currently exists, and the attitudes that young people have towards their environment.
  2. To immerse the reader in the possible worlds inhabited by 2035’s schoolchildren.
  3. To examine the forces that will impact sport and society in the future.
  4. To present recommendations as to how policy can resist or complement these forces to steer us towards the best possible future for healthy, happy young people

"The Youth Sport Trust is pleased to be presenting a unique, insightful and important report that will help to shape the work of the physical education, sport and physical activity sector in the years ahead." 

- Baroness Sue Campbell Chair, Youth Sport Trust

Read the Full Report:

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