Maintaining your sports wheelchair

1 Mar 2021

To ensure that your sports wheelchair maximises your performance and to reduce the chance of the wheelchair becoming unusable when you need it most, maintenance is vital.

As part of a regular maintenance schedule you should regularly check your tyre wear and pressure and the condition of your strapping, cushion and backrest. You should also ensure your wheels lock into place tightly and your casters and wheels spin freely.

We have developed a series of sports wheelchair maintenance videos with our partners Max Wheelchairs.

Simple step by step instructions within these videos will help you to carry out regular maintenance on your sports wheelchair and the videos include procedures on:

These videos were created in partnership with Max Wheelchairs

Did you know? ... WheelPower provide the opportunity for groups and clubs to attend a Wheelchair Maintenance course.

This course is designed to give people, Whether you are looking to purchase or already own sports wheelchair, the knowledge, skills and understanding on how to get the most out of their wheelchair and make it last as long as possible.

If you are interested in attending or hosting a course please email for more information!

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