Resistance Band Exercises with Bob

9 Apr 2020
Our Physical Activity Advisor Bob O’Shea demonstrates some simple but effective exercises using resistance bands that can be adapted to anyone, in any environment. 
Resistance training builds resistive power in body muscles and there are many benefits to adding these exercises to your weekly routine.
  • These exercises are good for joints as they strengthen stabiliser muscles without posing a threat of muscular rupture.
  • Resistance training is low impact exercise so they gradually increase muscular power by making the muscles work against a force.
  • Apart from increasing body balance; resistance exercises are good for maintaining flexibility of the body.
  • Resistance exercises gradually build stamina of the body. Improved stamina equals to less fatigue and a more active lifestyle.
  • Regular resistance training exercise can help improve posture.
For resistance training band exercises at home you just need a resistance-band and something to anchor it to. You can find resistance bands in varying types, sizes and tension. Choose one that best suits you.
You can customise exercises yourself if you understand the concept of these exercises but the focus should be on using the resistance band to create a counter force while you work your muscles. 

Shoulder Stability Exercises

The majority of wheelchair users will experience problems with their shoulders whether it is general wear and tear or injuries. Limiting their use is not good for your general health or is not an option for your independence. Good management of the joints and muscles can prevent a lot of this.

These exercises performed 2 or 3 times a week can help build strength to the stabiliser muscles and increase/maintain the mobility of the joints.  

If you are experiencing a new or extreme pain it is important for it to be checked out by your Health Professional.

Resistance Band Exercises

APPLY NOW: Disabled people can apply for a for a free set of resistance bands.