Maintain your TriRide

25 Feb 2021

To ensure that your equipment enables you to keep fit and active and to reduce the chance of it becoming unusable when you need it most, maintenance is vital.

As part of our wider Wheelchair Maintenance series, we have also created some new videos with our partners Triride UK. These videos will help you get the best out of your equipment and introduce you to the various elements of effective and efficient maintenance. 

What is Triride? 

Triride is a power assisted attachment device (Power Trike) for your wheelchair. 

  • Triride is compatible with most manual wheelchairs and compact when attached. Meaning great grip and performance combined with fantastic maneuverability. 
  • A simple attachment system and intuitive control means Triride is easy to use for all. 
  • The technology allows you to face extreme situations such as challenging paths, steep climbs and all the roads you choose to tackle.

Find out more and discover a new freedom - 

Simple step by step instructions within these videos will help you to carry out regular maintenance on your sports wheelchair and the videos include procedures on:

These videos were developed in partnership with TrirideUK

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