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The British Wheelchair Athletics Association (BWAA) provides support and expertise to athletes and coaches in seated throws to enable athletes to achieve their best. Alongside supporting with throwing techniques, the association also has significant knowledge of throwing frames design, tie downs, competition rules and classifications.

What events are included?

The main aim of the BWAA is to give wheelchair users an opportunity to get involved in wheelchair field events. Wheelchair athletes compete primarily in four field disciplines:

  • Shot
  • Discus
  • Javelin
  • Club

Eligible categories

Eligible categories are:

  • F31 to 38 – Cerebral Palsy or related conditions
  • F51 to 57 – Spinal Injury or related conditions


The athletes use individually designed throwing frames for these events. These frames enable the athletes to use the same throwing equipment as non-disabled athletes. The only event unique to wheelchair athletics is the club. In this event a special wooden club is thrown using a technique similar to the discus. Athletes are classified according to their functional level and compete against athletes of the same classification.

Getting involved

BWAA hold training camps throughout the winter months on the second weekend of the month at Stoke Mandeville Stadium where there are both indoor and outdoor facilities. Any person who is interested in taking up throwing or finding out more about coaching or organising a throws group is more than welcome to attend.

BWAA have qualified, experienced coaches in attendance at every training weekend. From May to September there is a full competition calendar including a Grand Prix Series and this is an excellent opportunity for new athletes to experience competition for the first time in a friendly relaxed environment. Please look at the website for dates of training and competitions.

Get involved in athletics

If this is something you would like to try, why not come along. The BWAA can also provide support to athletes, coaches or clubs by phone or email.

For more information please contact Barbara Hoole at

Visit the BWAA website

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