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Para Dance UK is a charity and the national governing body for Para Dance Sport in the UK. Their aim is to develop and promote dance as a sport and an inclusive leisure activity across the country.

They develop highly competitive athletes at an international level, as well as progressing dancers across the UK through regional and national competitions.

Wheelchair Dance Sport has been defined as a sport that “involves athletes with a physical disability which affects the lower limbs.” However, this definition has since been expanded to incorporate upper limb disabilities, dual disability and multiple disabilities. In 1998, Wheelchair Dance Sport became an International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Championship Sport and the World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF) has entered into partnership with the IPC.

Para Dance UK also offer and runs courses for people who want to provide their own inclusive dance or Para Dance Sports classes:

2019 National Championships ( all images courtesy of Para Dance UK )

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Para Dance UK is the national governing body for Para Dance Sport in the UK.

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