We have been providing opportunities for people with physical impairments to take part in sport for nearly 70 years. Based in Stoke Mandeville, the home of the Paralympic movement, WheelPower is at the heart of wheelchair sport.

From first-timers to Paralympic medallists, we support and promote participation at all levels. We have seen how playing sport can enrich lives, offering tremendous physical and psychological benefits, whatever your age or ability.

Pushing Forward, our new strategy which  covers the period 2017-2021 will drive everything we do and provide more opportunitie for more disabled people to play sport and take part in physical activity.

Get involved and support us

While sport can develop confidence and improve your health, it’s also a great way to put a smile on the faces of those taking part.  Each year, WheelPower supports over 62,099 disabled people to access and participate in sport and activity across the country.  You can join us in this mission as either a participant, supporter or volunteer and together we can help transform lives through sport.

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