WheelChair Curling

What is Wheelchair Curling?

Male and female athletes can both participate in teams of mixed gender. Rules and regulations are similar to the non-disabled version of the sport, however sweeping the ice in front of the stone is not used in wheelchair curling

As well as the rules and regulations being similar to non-disabled curling, so is the aim; to slide a stone down the ice and aim for the centre of a target. Teams try to prevent each other from achieving the aim of the game by sliding stones in the way of the stones of their opponent or by knocking opponents’ stones out of the playing area.

Angie Malone MBE demonstrating wheelchair curling at Stoke Mandeville Stadium

All athletes participating in the sport compete in wheelchairs. They must have a disability that permanently limits the use of their lower limbs meaning they are wheelchair dependent or only able to walk short distances. No special equipment is required to get started.

You can use a regular wheelchair, although you will need to make sure your wheels are clean before going on the ice! Most rinks will also have chairs and equipment to borrow to help you to get started … but remember to wrap up warm!

Paralympic Wheelchair Programme

“British Curling operates an innovative wheelchair curling programme, providing athletes with the support, on and off the ice, to enable them to compete with the very best since the sport was embraced by the World Curling Federation (WCF).Led by British Curling’s Paralympic Head Coach Sheila Swan, a former world champion curler, the programme’s athletes have consistently delivered medals at Paralympic and World level.”

Visit Paralympic Wheelchair Programme

What’s near me?

Wheelchair Curling in Great Britain is popular especially in Scotland; where there are wheelchair curling clubs that athletes are able to access.

Outside of Scotland wheelchair curling clubs are rare and normally athletes chose to join non-disabled/inclusive clubs.

New Age Kurling

New Age Kurling is an adapted form of curling, that can be played indoors on any smooth, flat surface, such as a sports hall, rather than on ice.

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