The Hon. Mark Vestey

Mark was President of WheelPower for over 23 years, and played a key role in providing the facilities and opportunities for disabled people to play sport at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

The redevelopment of Stoke Mandeville Stadium in 2003 would not have been possible without Mark’s influence and the £10.2 million raised by the Sporting Chance Committee, a Committee recruited and spearheaded by Mark.

Thanks to Mark’s generous and invaluable support to WheelPower, thousands of disabled people are able to enjoy competing and training at Stoke Mandeville Stadium every year. 

Mark passed away in 2016 and is greatly missed by everyone at WheelPower and Stoke Mandeville. His legacy will be felt by the many young and newly disabled people enjoying sport and physical activity and the facilities at Stoke Mandeville Stadium now and in the future.

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