Getting started with health and fitness

If you are currently not active, have a look how you can start:

Getting started

Find a sport or activity

There are lots of fantastic sports to choose from that cater to all different abilities.

Browse sports and activities

Exercise Films

WheelPower have published a range of online workouts which will help you keep active at home. 

WheelPower sports events

WheelPower organise an annual programme of events for all ages. Our events are a great way for people with a disability to discover sport in a safe, welcoming and friendly environment and all activity is adapted to suit your abilities.

Sports Wheelchairs

Just as football, tennis and basketball players wear different shoes on the playing field, disabled athletes do likewise in wheelchair sports.

Wheelchair Slalom

Wheelchair Slalom is a fun, fast-paced and exciting sport with the overall aim of navigating through a course with challenging obstacles.

Leaflet cover imageFind local opportunities

If you would like to access sport and physical activity such as going to the gym, swimming, wheelchair basketball or just generally keeping fit there are a number of organisations that can provide advice and support to help you find opportunities in your local area.

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