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This series of workouts are delivered by Ben Clark, a personal trainer and owner of Adapt To Perform, the world's largest platform for adapted fitness. Ben, a C7 quadriplegic, will guide you through several different types of workouts that can be done from home.

"I really try to adapt my workouts for all levels of ability and fitness and provide advice on making the workouts easier or tougher. And all my sessions come with a smile!"



Ben's Kettlebell Workout

This WheelPower Workout will really test your strength! Join instructor Ben Clark as he takes us through a shoulder based workout with a kettlebell. Following a short warm up Ben will be demonstrating 3 different exercises that will work both sides of your body and repeating to build up strength.

EQUIPMENT: Kettlebell ... If you don't have a kettlebell then you can also use a dumbbell or even a full bottle of water as an alternative.

If you enjoyed this workout then please do check out the full 10 part series delivered by Ben below. 


The very first video in this series was launched on May 15th 2020 to mark Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day. Since this video was released the series has expanded with a variety of workouts from Ben that utlizes various pieces of fitness equipment.

"Before you start a workout be sure to seek advice from a medical professional, stay within your limits and make sure you hydrated throughout the session." (Ben) 

No Equipment Cardio

In the first session we are doing a no equipment HIIT workout. Designed to get your heart rate up and to improve your cardiovascular endurance which is great for your wheelchair pushing efficiency.

Shoulder Stability with Bands

As a wheelchair user shoulder health is paramount so it's important that we look after them by strengthening them correctly. This workout requires a resistance band and can be made harder or easier with more or less resistance.

Simple Core Workout

In this video we are going to be doing a core workout. To do this all you're going to need is a sofa cushion or something similar. But don't let the lack of weight fool you, this is still a tough workout but very beneficial!

Pyramid Cardio with a Pole

In today's video we are going to be doing a fairly tough cardio workout. To do this we are going to be using a pole and doing a pyramid set. Although the main set is only 12 minutes it's a tough 12 minutes and easily scalable depending on your level of ability.

Dumbbell Shoulder Strength Workout

In this session we will be working on building strong shoulders which is vital for making sure things like pushing our Wheelchairs is as effortless as possible. To do that we are using dumbbells or something equivalent and doing 5 different exercises to work the area completely!

Resistance Band Chest Workout

The idea is to build strength here without having to transfer and lie down to do a bench press. So much easier for Wheelchair users! Building chest strength is super important for our daily lives as it's a primary muscle used in pushing a Wheelchair.

Dumbbell Arm Workout

Building arm strength is really important when a Wheelchair user as it helps us in numerous ways including our efficiency pushing our Wheelchairs and our ability to be able to do things like transfers better. Also it helps build strength within joints reducing the risk of injury that can have a serious impact on our life!

Ben's Boxing Workout

Boxing is a great adaptable way to get cardio workout in and highly changeable to your ability level. We can make it easier with shorter range of motion or harder with speed and extra weight in the form of wrist weights or light dumbbells!

Ben's Weighted HIIT

This time Ben will be challenging you to a weighted HIIT workout using some wrist weights. The workout will start with a warm-up before leading into some interval training during the exercises themselves. Interval training means that there will be certain times of exercise and rest which are then repeated over and over to get a really great workout. 

What People Say ...

"Thank you for making this video! I’ve been trying to find a workout for my core that I can do in my wheelchair! This was so helpful!" - YouTube User

"I loved this video. I’ve been looking on and off for a core workout that I can do in my chair for a couple of years. Cheers." - David.

"Just did this with my Mother in Law for the first time. She is paraplegic and we loved it! Thanks so much! Will do another tomorrow." - Hayley. 

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