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Ella Archer (nee Beaumont) (GB Wheelchair Basketball Under 25 Women’s European Championships silver medalist) takes you through 10 circuit sessions aimed to keep you fit from your homes.

“During these workouts, I hope to make exercise fun and exciting, whilst simultaneously working on exercising our upper body muscles, helping to keep us fit and active."

Achieving a high-quality workout at home can be very challenging, especially when you don’t have any specialist equipment. In Ella's sessions, you do not need any specialised equipment to take part as all the items used in each video will be readily available in every household. This may include the use of brooms, tin cans, water bottles or even an old pair of tights! 


Ella's Outside Workout

With the weather improving and summer on its way, I have decided to head back out into my garden for a Wheelchair Workout in the spring sunshine! You can also replicate this workout indoors if the weather or outside space isn't suitable.

For this workout, you will need the following pieces of equipment: floor markers (these can be items from the home), some coloured tape/post-it notes, theraband/resistance band (tights or inner tube)

This is the last video of Ella's 10 part WheelPower Workout series. We hope you enjoy this session and if you do please make sure you look back at the previous releases below. 

Ella's WheelPower Workouts

Before taking part in the following WheelPower Workouts please remember to always seek advice from your GP, Physio or a trained exercise professional regarding the type and the amount of physical activity and exercise you should be doing.


Meet your Instructor - Ella Archer (GB Wheelchair Basketball Under 25 Women’s European Championships silver medalist) introduces you to five circuit sessions aimed to keep you fit from your homes.

Circuits Part One

In this video, Ella will suggest and explain some examples of household equipment that you can use to workout. She will also run through 5 upper body exercises, that will work out our Triceps, Biceps, and many other upper limb muscles.

Circuits Part Two

In this video, Ella introduces 5 new upper body exercises to add to your circuit session. Once again, we will be performing each exercise twice, working hard for 30 seconds and then resting for 30 seconds. This workout will also include a 5-minute warm up and cool down, to make sure our muscles are stretched out before and after the session to prevent injury.

Strength Challenge

In this video, Ella challenges you to complete the Half Deck Card challenge. For this challenge you must pick an exercise for each suit in a pack of cards (four exercises in total) and repeat that exercise for the number of reps on the card. "You can replicate the same exercises as me or you can choose your own exercises, Its totally up to you. Good Luck!"

Invictus Active special

Here is an added extra workout video of Ella giving you some workout ideas on the incredible Invictus Active Trainer.

A Change of Scenery

In this video, Ella provides us all with a much needed change of scenery to make the most of the summer's sunshine. If you don’t have a garden this workout can once again be completed in the comfort of your living room.

The Full Circuit

In this video, Ella will be revisiting the 10 exercises that we practiced in videos one and two. We will be putting them together and performing each exercise once. The aim will be to use this video to measure if you have improved on these exercises before we start adding in new exercises to master!

Resistance Band Mix Up

In this video, Ella brings us a whole workout using our resistance bands. During this session we mix up exercises by attaching our resistance bands to our door frames or around our wheelchairs. Hopefully, this video will give you a few ideas on how to get the full potential from your resistant bands.

No Equipment Workout

Today we are going to do a full workout without any equipment needed! You have no excuse, and just enjoy waving your arms around in their air!

Flip a Coin!

In this workout, we flip a coin to decide our next exercise! If we flip a heads, then we will perform an exercise from the 'hard' list; and if we flip tails, then we perform an exercise from the 'easy' list! Even we don't know what is coming next, so enjoy!!

Ella's Floor Workout

In this new WheelPower Workout Ella is joined by her special guest Alice. Together they will be demonstrating a series of exercises that you can do on the floor to help stretch your whole body out. 

An Outdoor Workout

With the weather improving and summer on it's way I have decided to head back out into my garden for a Wheelchair Workout in the spring sunshine! You can also replicate this workout indoors if the weather or outside space isn't suitable. 


What People Say ...

"Thanks Ella, Loving the energy and vitality you bring to these workouts! Feeling so much benefit already. Less muscular aches and pains overall and a daily endorphin boost to boot. Fantastic job!" - YouTube User.

"So enthusiastic and lovely simple exercises to keep active!" - YouTube User.

"Yet another motivating fitness session - thanks Ella." - YouTube User. 

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, Ella has been busy creating many more workouts through her own social media platforms. Check out her Facebook page 'Ella's Wheelchair Workouts' to find out more:

Ella's Wheelchair Workouts

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