Circuit Exercise Workout with Ella Beaumont

5 May 2020

Exercise at Home with WheelPower


Ella Beaumont (GB Wheelchair Basketball Under 25 Women’s European Championships silver medalist) takes you through five circuit sessions aimed to keep you fit from the confines of your home.

“During these workouts, I hope to make exercise fun and exciting, whilst simultaneously working on exercising our upper body muscles, helping to keep us fit and active. You do not need any specialised equipment to take part in these exercises, all the props used in each video will be readily available in every household."

Achieving a high-quality work out at home can be very challenging, especially when you don’t have any specialist equipment.

Wheelchair workout: Strength Challenge

In this video Ella challenges you to complete the Half Deck Card challenge. For this challenge you must pick an exercise for each suit in a pack of cards (four exercises in total) and repeat that exercise for the number of reps on the card.

For example, the 10 of Spades would mean you perform 10 Oblique twists.

For this challenge you can replicate the same exercises as me or you can choose your own exercises, Its totally up to you! Good Luck!