NSRA Range Conducting Officer Course

15 Aug 2020

NSRA Range Conducting Officer Course

Join WheelPower for an opportunity to learn the knowledge & skills required to ensure the safe administration of a precision target shooting range.

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 Saturday 15 August 2020

About this Event

Quality assured courses developed by the National Small-Bore Association that deliver through theory and practice sessions the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safe administration of a precision target shooting range. WheelPower will deliver this RCO course in patnerships with it's Meber Sport, Disability Shooting Great Britain, and JMB Training

Range Conducting Officer

The basic course is a Range Conducting Officer and whilst no special knowledge is needed to attend, a basic understanding of the rules and regulations governing the operation of a Home Office approved gun club is an advantage. Further courses to become a licenced Club Instructor, Club Coach or County Coach will equip you with the skills required to train newcomers and skilled precision rifle and pistol target shooters.

Course Outline

All courses offered are interactive and the theory part will be delivered via Zoom and practical part will be deliveres at SM Shooting Range

The Range Conduction Officer Course – is about Health & Safety and is delivered in two parts:

Part 1 Theory - approximately 2 ½ hours

  • Interactive theory lecture, topics covered include:
  • An outline of National and International system for the safe administration of firing ranges.
  • Listing the essential requirements and skills required to run a safe range or competition.
  • Listing the different types of firearms used in UK clubs and competitions.
  • An outline of UK firearm law and its significance for each category of firearm.
  • The qualities required to be an effective RCO.
  • An outline of the terminology used within shooting circles.
  • The rules relating to the safeguarding of minors and vulnerable adults.
  • Consideration of any special considerations that may be imposed by the insurance industry.

At the end of Part 1, there will be a short multiple choice paper comprising 29 questions. Candidate must achieve an 82% pass rate to go forward to Part 2.

Part 2 Practical – approximately 1 hour

On completion of Part 1 each candidate must run a range to demonstrate that they can take charge and run a range safely in accordance with national guidelines.

Candidates will work in teams of two, one running the range and one running the firing line.

The examiner should arrange to have at least 5 shooters on the range. Their work will be assessed and rated on a scale of 1 – 5. A rating of 4 or above is required to pass.

On successful completion of the questionnaire and the practical the course leader will review the results and if the candidate has achieved a pass in both sections papers will be passed to the NSRA who will issue a three year licence that will entitle them to run any air & .22 Home Office regulated gun club and any military range authorised for civilian use for calibres up to and including .22 firearms

Time: 10.00-12.30

Location: Virtual Platform via Zoom 

Practical: The practical will be conducted when the Shooting Range is open at SM.

Course Fee: £15 per person

Closing date: 31 July 2020

(Limited spaces are available for DSGB members free of charge. These will be allocated first come first serve basis.)

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 Saturday 15 August 2020