Archery is an inclusive sport

Archery can offer many opportunities across all age ranges and abilities. A very social and inclusive sport, it allows you to shoot in social settings and participate in friendly club and inter-club competitions. Seniors, juniors, young and old as well as disabled and non-disabled archers can all shoot and compete together.

There are over 900 clubs affiliated to Archery GB.  The National Governing Body provides the infrastructure and support for clubs and archers, and services elite squads and national teams for junior, senior and disabled archers.

Take part all year round

During the winter, archers continue to shoot outdoors, although many clubs go indoors, and in the summer clubs are mainly outdoors. Archery is a grass field sport so wheelchair users will need to bear this in mind especially if relying on the British weather, and many clubs have their grounds in remote locations.

Getting started is easy

Anyone can take part in archery and most impairments can be accommodated in clubs. Clubs provide introductory courses, coaching and competitive opportunities. Beginning in the sport requires no classification, and you can take in part in club activities and competitions with minimal adaptation required. Disabled archers can shoot standing, perching on a stool or sitting down. Only if you wish to progress in the sport are you recommended to gain classification.

New archers are taken through a beginner’s course which teaches them all the basics of shooting and scoring, how to assemble equipment and understand the signals and safety requirements. This usually lasts 6 weeks and costs vary between £30-£70.

Archery clubs hold taster opportunities, called Have A Go sessions, and beginner’s courses regularly throughout the year, although most are held during the spring and summer months. Contact your nearest club to find out when their next beginner’s course is, and discuss with them the location, access and any additional support you may need.

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Get involved in Archery

Here are some external resources to help you get involved in archery:

Use the Archery GB Club Finder tool

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