An inclusive sport

Canoeing offers many different experiences for disabled people and their friends and families. The diversity of the sport means that there are many opportunities, activities and types of equipment available to suit the needs and interests of every individual.

There are many disabled people who take part in canoeing activity alongside their non-disabled peers in a wide range of activities.

At the same time, there are many clubs and centres also offer specialist activity for disabled people who may need a bit more support or guidance either as an introduction to the sport or if the need over a longer time scale.

Discover Paddle-Ability

British Canoeing’s Paddle-Ability initiative refers to activity for disabled people as it focuses on the individuals' ability in canoeing rather than disability.

Whilst many canoeing clubs and centres offer opportunities for disabled people, British Canoeing recognises those that provide quality activity and experiences for disabled people through Paddle-Ability accreditation. For those just starting out, or wanting an introduction to canoeing Paddle-Ability Starter Sessions are a great place to start.

Discover your local Paddle-Ability club, please visit the Go Paddling website.


British Canoeing is dedicated to supporting the most talented athletes in the Paralympic Canoe Sprint Racing and Paracanoe to win medals at the highest level.

Para Canoe Taster Sessions at the 2018 Inter Spinal Unit Games

Paracanoe was first featured in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games and the team won 5 medals out of the 6 events that took place.

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