Adaptive Rowing

Rowing is a sport open to all. You can row indoors or on the water, just for fun or to compete in competitions. Rowing is a great way to meet new people, get fit and stay healthy, learn new skills and to have fun.

Adaptive Rowing is about removing barriers to participation for anyone who has a physical disability, sensory or learning impairment.

Indoors and Outdoors!

Indoor rowing machines can be adapted so that anyone can use them. Adaptations include fixed seats, hand grips and wheelchair frames for those that can not transfer to the indoor rower. Indoor rowing is a full body workout making it the perfect workout for you, at the gym or in the comfort of your own home.

On the water, rowing is accessible for people who have the use of their upper body and can transfer into the boat. Boats can be specially adapted to have sliding or fixed seats, with additional support of floats if required. Rowing on the water offers a sense of freedom and a different perspective, while helping you to get fit.

Paralympic sport

If you are looking to push yourself further, British Rowing is actively recruiting for the next generation of Paralympic rowers. If you have the right physical and mental attributes, you could be on the pathway to the Paralympics.

Further information:

Have a look at the British Rowing website or Facebook page for further information on adaptive rowing, classification opportunities, Paralympic pathways and where to find your nearest club. Or email British Rowing on

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