Target Shooting

Target Shooting is an inclusive sport and whether you are an aspiring Paralympian or just want to try something new there are plenty of different options.Shooting is a highly technical sport that requires an ice cool temperament, incredible concentration and remarkable precision. 

As a sport, target shooting is incredibly accessible and requires minimal modification, making it easy for pretty much everyone to have a go regardless of age or ability.

British Shooting is working hard with clubs and other partners to provide inclusive opportunities for people to come and try target shooting and is developing the already established Disability Hub Club scheme. The aim of the scheme is to develop a network of clubs with the two-fold ambition of growing the numbers of disabled people enjoying the sport and creating a better linkage between the clubs themselves and the World Class Performance Programme.

 Disability / Paralympic Pathway

How to find a club

A list of accredited Disability Hub Clubs and contact details can be found on the British Shooting website:

British Shooting Club Finder

Disability Shooting Great Britain

Disability Shooting Great Britain is the National Governing Body for Disability Shooting in the UK. They are responsible for both the grass roots development of the sport as well as for training and selecting shooters to represent Great Britain at the Paralympic Games and other International competitions.

It doesn’t matter if you have shot before or never shot a gun we are set up to help everyone as we have a range of rifles and pistols that new people can use to try as well as a range of stands and supports to help people get the idea of shat they need or if shooting is a sport for them.


Hub Clubs are shooting clubs affiliated to DSGB that promote shooting for people with a disability in their local communities. If anyone is interested in coming along to try shooting please contact the secretary Damian Hinchliff by email:

DSGB Hub Clubs

Shooting at the 2019 Inter Spinal Unit Games (Stoke Mandeville Stadium) 

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