Sitting Volleyball

Sitting Volleyball

Sitting volleyball is a fast and exciting sport, played sitting on the floor by men and women of all ages and players with and without a disability

At international level, players must have a physical impairment (predominantly amputees and people with limb impairments) however domestic competitions and local clubs are mixed so that people with and without a disability can play together.

The Game

Sitting volleyball has grown to be one of the more popular Paralympic sports due to the fast and exciting action. A brief overview of the game includes:

  • Sitting Volleyball is played on a 10 x 6 metre court
  • The game is played with a 0.8 meter-wide net set to a height of 1.15 meters for men and 1.05 meters for women
  • There are six players on each side
  • When hitting or attacking the ball, the player must have one "buttock" or an extension of the torso still in contact with the floor.


Where to play

Many opportunities exist for people to play sitting volleyball across England. Playing sitting volleyball has many benefits including keeping fit and meeting new people. Whatever your level or ability the game provides varying degrees of competition from social/recreational games to more competitive opportunities. Anyone interested in taking up the sport will find it both rewarding and enjoyable.

There are clubs across the country that are all open to new members. Check out the link below to find out more about what is available in your area: 

The British Volleyball Federation is the national governing body for all volleyball disciplines in the UK.

Visit the Volleyball England website to find your local club and get involved or have a look at the GB Sitting Volleyball Facebook page.

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