Lottie lives in Sheffield and was really looking forward to WheelPower bringing their Sports Festival to her home city. After moving back to Yorkshire Lottie has discovered many local clubs already but coming to the festival opened up her eyes further and meant that she had even more local contacts. This is Lottie’s story … 

“So I have classic ehlers danlos syndrome, osteoporosis, nerve damage from a car accident, epilepsy and bi polar. I’ve been in a wheelchair for four decades but really keen to keep active. I’ve realised over time that playing sport is very important for my mental health more than my physical health really.”

” I initially got into it when I had to give up work as my condition worsened and I moved back to Yorkshire from London and wanting to meet more disabled people like myself I started trying to find things to do. I started to look online and got into a couple of sports, and once I tried one I got into one and then another. It become a bit of a healthy addiction. I love the social aspect but now I’m challenging myself to get fitter and also better at the sports I’m playing. I’m not going to be competing in the Paralympics anytime soon because of my age. Its just for fun. But knowing that I’m progressing over a few months or a year then I know that I’m doing something right.”


“I’ve absolutely enjoyed my day at the WheelPower Sports Festival and I would definitely recommend it. I’ve been to similar events before and they were so badly organised. This is a smaller venue with less activities on but it’s so much better put together”

“The sport I enjoyed the most and was quite surprised at how well I did was badminton. That’s now something I would really like to take up in the area as soon as possible. The second was rugby with the Sheffield Eagles, who are my team that I’ve been with since the beginning. I do play that already so I’m a bit biased! I also tried boccia and table tennis which was a lot harder than it looks.”

“I don’t have much time with all the sports I do already, but hoping to slot another one in. I recently discovered the Sheffield wheelchair sports club and have been looking at dates and activities they do. Table tennis I want to do more and I’m hoping to find somewhere to play badminton too.”

"Thank you WheelPower for coming to Yorkshire so please come back. If you are coming back to Yorkshire next year then I will be too!"