Steve Eva Tour de Vale 2023

After hearing about the 2023 Bucks Radio Tour de Vale charity bike ride at their local school 8 year old Eva and Dad Steve signed themselves up! They have been training regularly ever since and are really looking forward to their first Tour de Vale experience on Sunday 11 June.

Steve continues, “Eva loves cycling but has never ridden this kind of distance before, so after we registered we began preparing and training for the big day.”

“Eva got the hang of cycling a couple of years ago, but more recently we have been working on road rules, bike maintenance, practising hills and distances. As Eva (seemingly!) outgrows her bike on an annual basis, she is lucky enough to have a modern bike, and now enjoys having a range of gears!”

Eva and Steve live in Waddesdon, near Aylesbury and have been using the Greenway cycle path to do some of their training. “There are some great places to see and enjoy locally, and you can really go far without having to leave the cycle tracks. Over the past few months it has been great to get outdoors again especially now as we have seen the end of the Spring showers!”

Cycling is a fantastic activity for all ages and together Steve and Eva have been enjoying the many benefits that this kind of exercise brings.

“Being active is good for the body and soul for sure, but for Eva and I the best thing is getting outdoors, enjoying the sun (or the refreshing rain!), discovering nature and the endless sites along the way. Biking is a great way to achieve all of these things. It’s great quality time and we are really enjoying the journey together.”

Steve and Eva will be taking on the 25km Tour de Vale route which has been enjoyed by many families and people of all ages and abilities over the past 20 years. Starting at finishing on the famous track at Stoke Mandeville Stadium they will head out of Aylesbury along cycle paths and quiet country roads before returning to the stadium to collect a well earned medal.

“25km is a longer distance than Eva has done before, and it’s been a while since I have done such a distance myself! She was really keen to sign up for the event and is super excited about taking part.”

“Neither of us have attended a cycling event before, so this is all new. I think we are most looking forward to sharing the atmosphere and experience with everyone on the day. Getting out to the fresh air and enjoying bike ride is wholesome and enjoyable exercise for all ages and it should be a lot of fun too.”

By taking on the Tour de Vale Challenge Steve and Eva are also keen to raise money for WheelPower along the way and hope by sharing their story more people will feel inspired to sign up for this year’s event.

“Having visited the Stadium many times I have seen at first-hand the amazing achievements that WheelPower facilitates. The charity provides support, and encouragement for those with unique life challenges, helping to turn disabilities into extra-abilities through movement, activity and sport.”

“The Tour de Vale challenge is proving to be a highly motivational and life-changing event for both of us, and we have both been overwhelmed with the encouragement and support we have experienced so far. By donating to our fundraiser, you’ll be aiding the many lives that WheelPower supports, as well as encouraging my 8-year-old Eva in support of her endeavour. I have a feeling that with this motivation Eva will be ready to take on even bigger challenges in future. Thank you.”

Steve Eva Tour de Vale 2023

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