1 January 2024

Our amazing ambassador Chris is going to be taking on his biggest challenge yet in 2024! And not just the one this time … but 12 different challenges across the next 12 months. We all think he’s crazy but we hope you will all get behind him this year as he aims to raise over £10,000 for the charity. He will be starting the ‘2024 Challenges’ with an ‘easy’ 100 mile push as part of WheelPower’s Winter Walk & Push event … with half marathons, triathlons, full marathons and maybe even a skydive/bungee before the years out!

“WheelPower has been a part of my life since the age of 14 and helped me in so many ways to get involved in wheelchair sports and put me in the position I am today. I would be most grateful if you would so kind as to donate to this fabulous charity that has helped me throughout my sporting career.”


Thank you Chris for all you do for WheelPower and for taking on the hardest challenge yet! We can’t wait to check back in with you throughout the year with updates on how you are doing.

16 January 2024 

The faces of someone who has just pushed 100 miles for WheelPower in 16 days! Meet our WheelPower ambassador Chris who has taking part in the Winter Walk & Push this month, reaching his target distance in super quick time. He has been regularly doing 10 mile pushes either around the famous Stoke Mandeville track or in his hometown of Milton Keynes and its safe to say he has completely smashed it. This is the first of 12 challenges Chris is doing for WheelPower in 2024 so we hope you will all get behind as he aims to raise over £10,000 for the charity

4 February 2024

Fresh off completing 100 miles in January our ambassador Chris started February by taking part in a half marathon at Dorney Lake over the week! He crossed the line in his Ottobock Zenit Carbon in a quite brilliant 2hr 07min, smile still intact and happy to have ticked off another off his 2024 challenges!

Chris will be undertaking a variety of challenges this year with the aim of raising £10,000 for WheelPower, a charity really close to his heart. So if you have any pennies to spare Chris would be immensely grateful of a donation. Next up for Chris … 600 push ups and a marathon dressed as an Easter bunny! Watch this space for more updates!