national junior games 2022

Chloe is 14 years old and from Aylesbury. After attending last year’s National Junior Games she was really excited to be back in 2023.

Chloe was born with multiple conditions as a result of problems with her chromosomes. This includes heart and spinal conditions, speech and language and facial problems. In her Mums words, ‘She has had it real tough’.

Chloe returns to the Junior Games for the second successive year, and alongside her mum they were looking forward to discovering all the different sports on offer this time.

“Last year was my first time at the Games with other schools and children, and it was actually my teacher at school who first told me about the event. She emailed my mum and I’m so glad she did.” “I have really enjoyed it so far and I’ve tried wheelchair basketball, rugby, badminton, archery. I’ve been filling out my challenge card and have done Table Tennis and even shooting so far today which I found really cool!”e never done before.”

Her mum continues, “Chloe loves being able to join in with things she can actually do with children similar to. She was desperate to come back this year as playing sport makes her so happy. As she’s growing up she asks more questions, can I do this? Can I do that? And most of the time its met with the answer no you can’t do that because of your disabilities and your medical problems. But by coming to events like this finally she’s able to say ‘I can do wheelchair sports’ and ‘I can finally join in with something’.”

Chloe plays sport with a smile on her face and in the second year at the Games her confidence to try new things had grown. After coming last year she joined the local wheelchair basketball club (the Aces) and is now really interested in wheelchair tennis and maybe fencing.


“All these sports are going to keep us busy but its worth it for us to see the smiles on her face. I think she’ll have a long list by the end of the day! Bless her.”

“I think you guys are brilliant and thank you for everything you do for children like my Chloe. I have a friend with a little girl who has disabilities and I’m going to mention it to her as I’m sure she’d love it too.”

It was lovely to see Chloe returning to the Games this year and we are happy to hear that these introductions to sport are leading to her enjoying more opportunities locally. The final words come from Chloe:

“Sport makes me feel that I’m actually good at something, and doing something with my life that I actually like. I would recommend the Games and I like that it makes people happy, and that you get to make more friends and do things that you’ve never done before."