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Chris has thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the WheelPower Yoga Classes, and they have provided him with a weekly workout that has supported his fitness recovery following a major operation in June 2020.

This is Chris’s story …

Chris is 58 years old and from Norfolk in the East of England where he lives with his wife Deborah. Initially from the Midlands Chris was born with hydrocephalus, a build up of fluid on the brain. He explains further, “The condition required several operations during my life and it has led to issues with my fine motor skills, sight problems and difficulties in mobility.”

Despite the operations and daily challenges Chris was able to work all of his life as a parts advisor and he always enjoyed exercise. “I’ve ran three marathons, zip wired, abseiled and used to go to an aerobics class for four years prior to the operation.”

In the past few years, Chris began to notice more problems with his mobility which led to him initially using walking sticks, a rollator and then a wheelchair. He visited the hospital and spoke to numerous doctors who were unable to diagnose the problem until scans were completed. As he explains, “It was thought that the issues were down to my birth problems but as the decline was so rapid I had an MRI in February 2020 which showed I had cervical myelopathy. I had an operation in June 2020 but it failed, and after spending 10 months in hospital I’m now a quadriplegic.”

Following the operation and the extended period of time in hospital Chris returned home where he is supported by his wife and a team of brilliant carers. And it was during this time that Deborah discovered the WheelPower Exercise Classes and signed Chris up!

“I’ve always enjoyed exercise and I believe that if you don’t use it you will lose it, so I was very keen to get going. I’ve been attending the weekly Wednesday Yoga class with Nina because I thought that might be the best way to start as I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to do. I enjoy it a lot and think Nina tailors the class to fit all of us. I haven’t tried the other sessions yet but I will look into the other classes in 2022, and I now have my resistance bands to use too!”

Thank you so much Chris for sharing your story with WheelPower and we hope it may inspire more people to enjoy yoga and sign up to an online class this year. If you would like to join Chris and this fantastic community of fitness lovers from across the UK then please visit our website to book your free tickets. 

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