Liam O'Rourke (High Wycombe)

Liam has had cerebral palsy from birth. He took part in a joint WheelPower/Serco All-Inclusive Gymnastics Coaching session at Stoke Mandeville Stadium and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Speaking about his condition, Liam comments, ‘It’s got easier as I’ve got older. I admit, there are certainly hurdles to overcome. It’s things like getting back up off the floor with my back and co-ordination not working with me! But it’s perspective isn’t it, some people may see it as a setback, others might regard it as a positive challenge’.

Liam speaks positively about how WheelPower and Serco have helped his sporting background and social life to flourish. ‘I used to play wheelchair basketball and was blown away by how I energized and inspired I felt afterwards’.

He enjoyed WheelPower’s events so much that he began to wonder how he could be a part of it all so that these inspirational public events could keep running.

‘For me, after trying out some of the events at WheelPower, it felt like a natural progression to enquire about how I could volunteer to keep these initiatives running and help thousands of other people enjoy what I believe is one of the nation’s most inspiring disability sports charities around!’ says Liam.

He continues, ‘I really enjoyed volunteering for WheelPower, I got so much reward and recognition by helping to fundraise for events that I myself knew I’d be taking part in and benefiting from in big way. I like to see it as an investment in my future health, social life, and well-being!’

‘It was inspiring to work with a National Charity, develop my skills and knowledge base, as well as support some fantastic people. I was hooked on the positive and uplifting vibe of WheelPower, they made me feel like I could achieve anything if I really wanted to and if I put my mind to it. There was just so much to do, from stewarding sports events to collection tub runs around the county, to promotional public speaking, being a school wheelchair relay champion, and a Mix96 Tour De Vale Charity Bike Ride supporter, there’s enough to keep you busy all year round!’

WheelPower helps in so many ways. Without WheelPower I don’t think I would be as active as I am today, or would not have learnt as many skills, or met as many superb people!

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing as amazing as this in other parts of the country.


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You can be directly part of WheelPower’s drive to transform disabled lives through sport by fundraising for us or donating today, or setting up a regular fundraising function that helps us plan for the future. If you prefer to get involved and take on a challenge, there is lots to choose from, or alternatively you can volunteer for us.

You can even book a WheelPower Speaker for your next event, or book us to visit your school and do a special talk and enjoy one of our infamously interactive ‘Wheelchair Relays’!

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Whichever way you can help us you will be making a huge different to a disabled person’s life and their family.

•             £10 provides training for more wheelchair sports coaches and leaders

•             £24 enables us to give a disabled child aged six their first ever experience of sport – at a WheelPower event where they can try six different activities

•             £49 allows us to buy sports equipment which we use to get recently paralysed people active

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

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