Online Exercise Classes - Keith's Story

Keith is 72 years old and grew up in Kesgrave, just outside of Ipswich in Suffolk. Having worked most of his life in the motor trade and as a property developer, Keith in now happily retired and enjoys spending his time keeping fit and playing his guitar with his four piece band.

Keith has suffered with serious back pain since 1982. Despite seeing numerous doctors, and the pain level growing no thorough investigations were done for many years causing him extreme pain that affected his life daily.

“My GP told me there was nothing they could do about back pain, and they suggested I keep moving and take pain killers. This was until the late 1990’s when the pain got so bad I saw another doctor at the practice and I finally got referred to the pain management clinic. After many attempts to block the pain with injections into the spine, I then saw an orthopedic consultant, who after a CT scan, said, “Your spine is in such a state I would not recommend any intervention for fear of making it worse. It’s a pity you were not referred to me sooner, before it had gotten so bad.”

Keith’s injury is now at a stage that he finds it very difficult to stand for long time, or walk for a distance. As he explains, “I do manage to walk around the supermarket by leaning over my trolley to relieve the stress on my spine, but I do sometimes suffer slight loss of feeling in my legs when standing for long periods. I really miss doing the usual things I’d like to do, like gardening.”

After hearing about the Live Online Exercise Classes from the team at One Life Suffolk, Keith has been a regular attendee ever since.

“I have really enjoyed the online sessions, and especially the yoga, as I can participate fully from my chair. The WheelPower classes have become an important part of my routine and I now feel I am achieving something by exercising through the week."

Keith has also benefited from the gifting of free resistance bands from WheelPower which he has uses in the classes, as well as throughout the week as he seeks to maintain his fitness during these challenging times. “The resistance bands I find very useful, particularly with the choice of bands of varying strengths.  I do enjoy the exercises involving the bands and I am very grateful to WheelPower for supplying them to me.”

“I would definitely recommend the online sessions and the resistance bands to other people who suffer with back pain and have mobility issues like myself. Thank you WheelPower”.

Keith's Favourite WheelPower Exercises:

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The bands can be used for the exercises features in our Resistance Band Exercises for Wheelchair Users film or for yoga, warming up before exercising, strength training or physical therapy rehabilitation. They are designed for aerobic and anaerobic exercise, physical fitness and weight loss.

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