Healthy Ageing: Nutrition and Food Choices (Free Online Webinar)

13 Oct 2021 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm
WheelPower / Nina Boswell-Brown
Online via Zoom
United Kingdom

Do you want to feel more energised, improve your digestion, boost cardiovascular health, and keep your weight in check? 

All of these aspects of health affect how we age and can be helped by good nutrition.

What we eat affects all the processes in our body so you can really help your health now, and in the future by eating well. 

It’s easy to feel confused about what makes a healthy diet so join Nina Boswell-Brown to find out how you can make good choices in your nutrition to help you age more healthily. 

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start, or where to get information regarding health and nutrition which is why WheelPower is absolutely delighted to be able to support Nina to host her first online webinar. 

Who is the Webinar for?

  • Physically disabled individuals
  • Health care professionals

The deadline for registration is Friday 8th October 2021.

Meet your host: Nina Boswell-Brown

Nina is an Inclusive Yoga Instructor and owner of Sitting Fit Yoga. As well as delivering regular Yoga classes she is also studying to become a health coach and  she is currently completing a Health Coach diploma through the College for Naturopathic Medicine. 

"I am paraplegic and use a wheelchair full-time following a car accident 30 years ago.  I have always tried to look after my health and keep as independent and mobile as possible. Time has inevitable effects on all of our bodies however and as we age it is increasingly important to spend a little more time looking after ourselves." (Nina)

"As someone living with a disability I know from my own personal experiences that there are extra challenges to keeping healthy and I want to encourage people to address their health, feel that they can have some control over it and understand that making simple changes to everyday lifestyle habits can make a huge difference." (Nina)

Adaptive Yoga 

Nina has been working with WheelPower over many years and in May 2020 her very first Yoga videos were released to support disabled people to stay active during the Covid-19 pandemic. These videos have been enjoyed by people across the world and have become an important part of many people's weekly exercise routines. 

Since May 2020 Nina has been delivering regular Online Yoga Classes via Zoom for WheelPower and continues to do so, every Wednesday at 11am.


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