Brian’s 1000 Challenge for WheelPower

At WheelPower we are always interested to hear about your challenge ideas (whatever they may be) and are so grateful to anyone wishing to do something amazing to help us to transform more disabled lives through sport and physical activity.

To start 2022 we recently heard from Buckinghamshire resident Brian who has decided that he would like to support WheelPower by doing 1000 chin-ups. Unfortunately, within the first few days of starting his challenge, Brian injured his neck so now plans to complete his ‘1000 Challenge’ by cycling 740km to reach his target.

We hope you will join us in wishing Brian all the very best for this fantastic challenge and do make sure you check out his JustGiving page to donate to his fundraiser and keep up to date with his challenge all the way to the finish line.

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“I am taking on the 1000 Challenge for WheelPower because I want to help others enjoy sport as much as I do! Over the years I have completed various charity challenges and I naturally thought that in 2022 it must be for WheelPower.”

Brian’s Story

“I was born in Harrow, north London in 1946 and moved to Marlow 42 years ago. I have been a hairdresser since I was 16 and now work part time at The Marlow Club. I have always been interested in sport and fitness and along with my wife Jo, we walk, cycle and do pilates and weight training together.”

“20 years ago I had a pacemaker fitted and ever since I have wanted to show everyone what’s possible, and what can be achieved with a strong mind and body.”

“I am always impressed with the positive attitude and determination that people have to overcome such serious disadvantages and their desire to do as much as they possibly can. Watching the Paralympics is awe inspiring, incredibly motivating and totally humbling.”

The Tour de Vale

Brian is no stranger to WheelPower and Stoke Mandeville Stadium having ridden the Tour de Vale on multiple occasions. He continues, “I have completed a number of the Tour de Vale rides, including the 115k route last year, and hope to be back again in 2022. Over the last few years I have also completed some fitness challenges for Prostate Cancer and Bowel Cancer and this year I am really looking forward to helping raise lots of money for WheelPower.”

1000 Chin Ups

At the start of February 2022 Brian began the chin up challenge for WheelPower. It started very well indeed and Brian soon reached 260 chin ups and was getting his 54 a day target as planned.

“Chin ups are an excellent exercise, using many muscle groups including biceps, back and core. I regularly do them as part of my gym sessions, but on average probably no more than 50 per week. 

“I plan to rest every third day, which means I now need to average 54 per day to hit 1000.  Early days yet so intend to listen to my body as much as possible.  I know one thing, it's going to hurt and reaching 1000 in 28 days will be tough!”

Unfortunately, these words proved true as after just 6 days Brian suffered a very painful repetitive strain muscular injury in his neck and the physios have strongly advised him to rest from any upper body exercise until his body has fully recovered. Brian explains, “I am gutted because I knew I could have achieved my goal but in hindsight I probably overdid it in the first week which resulted in a bit of a disaster!”

The Challenges Continues …

Despite the injury Brian is determined to continued to push forward and reach 1000 by any means possible. After the physios suggested cycling Brian now has his sights set on completing the final 740km to reach his target, and raise lots more money for WheelPower along the way.

“Not wanting to abort the charity challenge for WheelPower I now intend to cycle 740 kilometres (1 for every missing chin up) to complete the 1000. I haven't done much cardio lately but with the support of the people in the gym I know I can do it, so watch this space!

I have got off to a great start completing 100K in first two days on a Watt bike in the gym. Extremely boring but much kinder to my neck.  I am hoping to soon be able to add some outside miles on my road bike and still hopeful that I can add a few more chin ups nearer the end of the month, but need to be 100% okay before that happens! I suppose I am now in probably a totally unique Duathlon.  Chin Ups and Cycling!”

“Thank you to everyone for the donations to my fundraiser so far, I really appreciate all of your support for such a great cause. Do check out my Just Giving page and also keep an eye on the WheelPower website and social media channels for regular updates about how the 1000 challenge is going over the weeks ahead.”  

LOCAL NEWS STORY '75 year old proving age is just a number with epic 1000 challenge for WheelPower' (Bucks Radio)

Brian's Talks to Bucks Radio


"I have reached the half way point and I am pleased to tell you that I have completed over 300 kilometres, leaving me 440 in the final two weeks.  At the moment I am cycling on a Watt bike in the gym but I do hope to add some outside kilometres when my neck and back feel 100%.  I have to say the thought of raising lots of money for WheelPower and the disabled people they support is really helping to keep me pedalling away every day this month." (Brian) 

"After resting my neck/shoulder strain for ten days I am back to doing some chin ups again! Must not overdo it this time! The new target is 400 chin ups and 600 kilometres on the watt bike by the end of the month. Only 1 week to go!" 


"I finished my February challenge for WheelPower by the end of the month as planned.  By the 24th I had reached my combined 1000 target but I decided to carry on with a new number in mind. So to sum up, during February, over 15 days I have done 460 chin-ups and in 22 days I have cycled 740 kilometres.  A final combined figure of 1200."

"It has been a very enjoyable yet challenging experience, but easy to keep going knowing that whatever amount I raise, it will go to help someone much less fortunate than me.  It has been great raising money for amazing charity and such a worthwhile cause. Thanks everyone for your very generous donations and please keep them coming in, still aiming for that £1000!"

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"It's now time to rest before I return to Stoke Mandeville Stadium for WheelPower's Tour de Vale Charity Bike Ride on 12 June 2022."

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