Daisy's Story - Resistance Bands

Daisy is 22 years old and from Cheshire. She has cerebral palsy and has been a full time wheelchair user from birth. She works full time as an IT support analyst and loves playing the wonderful sport of boccia!

As she explains, “I normally would be playing boccia and attending a wheelchair multisport group every week. Unfortunately we have been unable to meet due to Covid-19 so the sports sessions I normally do with them haven’t been taking place.”

Like so many disabled people the impact of Covid-19 has meant that they have been unable to continue enjoying and benefiting from physical activity. The launch of the WheelPower resistance bands programme back in May 2020 has meant that hundreds of people just like Daisy were able to continue to stay active during this difficult time.

After hearing about the free set of bands from a friend, Daisy applied and they arrived soon after. She tells us that she has been using them regularly ever since and is so grateful to WheelPower for the gift of exercise equipment.

“I really like the bands and find the handles on them really helpful to enable me to grip. The set also has a variety of bands available which is good to build up strength. Now I have the bands I am able to enjoy the adaptive gym zoom sessions which I have missed so much.”

As well as attending her weekly gym classes Daisy has also been a regular attendee of the WheelPower Exercise Classes.

“The bands have meant I can now fully participate in the WheelPower zoom sessions which I have really enjoyed. I think my favourite class is Ella’s session as it’s the most energetic. The classes are also adapted to me as a wheelchair user and I can be relatively independent in completing the exercises. I struggle to access most un-adapted forms of exercise and other workout videos so finding the WheelPower ones has been really important and given me something to do!”

“Thank you WheelPower for the resistance bands, zoom sessions and videos. They have really encouraged me to exercise and stay fit during the last year.”

If you have received resistance bands from WheelPower and would like to share your story then please get in contact with the team and we will be in touch shortly info@wheelpower.org.uk

Apply for your FREE set of Resistance Bands

Apply now for a set of resistance bands so that you can keep active at home during this difficult time. If your application is successful we will send you a resistance band set which will include hand grips, ankle straps and a door anchor that make it easier to target different muscle groups, including biceps and triceps, back and shoulders, chest and legs and abdominals. Resistance training builds resistive power in body muscles and there are many benefits to adding these exercises to your weekly routine.

The bands can be used for the exercises features in our Resistance Band Exercises for Wheelchair Users film or for yoga, warming up before exercising, strength training or physical therapy rehabilitation. They are designed for aerobic and anaerobic exercise, physical fitness and weight loss.

You must be a UK resident to apply.

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