Lisa's Story - Resistance Bands

Lisa is 54 years old, was born in Leeds and now lives in the beautiful city of York. She is by her own description a ‘Yorkshire Lass’ and has a keen interest in art.

She has severe neuromuscular scoliosis, which was first noticed at the age of 9 before she underwent spinal fusion surgery when only 15 years old.  As Lisa explains, “This means that, rather than being straight, my spine is a rather funky s-shape. It also rotates for added mystery. Over the years my mobility has gradually decreased and I now use elbow crutches and I am an active wheelchair user.”

When the Covid-19 pandemic started Lisa found herself with a lot more time at home, which to begin with she was actually looking forward to. But as time went on she started to put plans in place to exercise more and stay healthy. “At the start of lockdown I thought I could either pass my time eating chocolate digestives whilst watching day-time tv, or I could make the best use of the time possible and come up with a healthy daily routine.” Thankfully she chose the latter and as she explains, “I made an exercise timetable and an exercise tick sheet, and began my daily exercise routine in March 2020. Back then I didn’t quite realise how long the Covid situation would last for and in hindsight my sheet wasn’t big enough!”

During the first lockdown Lisa had been asked to shield and was looking for new additions to her weekly routine. It was at this point that Lisa discovered that the charity WheelPower were gifting resistance bands after seeing a post on Instagram and she applied straight away. She is now using them daily and has really enjoyed the variety they have brought to her exercises.

“In a typical week I will use my resistance bands within my physio workout. My fabulous physiotherapist really understands the complexities of my spine and although she has retired now we are still in-touch and I try do some of her exercises each and every day.”

“I have used bands before but they were the latex ones which are more of a strap. I found them to be a bit of a faff as there isn’t anywhere to grip, so when I noticed the WheelPower set came with attachments I thought they looked ideal as they had handles.”

“The new bands have really helped me and I have adapted some of my existing exercises to incorporate using them. As a manual wheelchair user I need to look after my shoulders and I feel one of the best ways of doing this is to try exercise the muscles that I don’t use when self propelling. So, I try to use the resistance bands to pull my arms backwards as most of the day I am pushing them forwards.”

"As well as the resistance bands I am also lucky enough to have a hand bike for cardio and an Invictus Active Trainer. I also will use weights to help with bone density.”

Over the past year Lisa has built up her strength using the various pieces of home exercise equipment in her home and has done amazingly well. So much so that she has noticed a change in her body shape and now needs a new wardrobe!

“I was happily exercising away, blissfully unaware that my body shape was changing as I got stronger. Recently on a rare trip out I grabbed my winter coat and realised that my shoulders had got so big that my coat didn’t fit. I was overjoyed, after all what better excuse is there for a bit more online retail shopping!”

Lisa concludes, “I feel that taking time out to relax with a hobby is invaluable at the moment. Personally I love art and that alongside my exercise routines has really helped. Exercise is an excellent way of adapting to the Covid-19 situation and I am very thankful to WheelPower for helping me do this with the new resistance bands.”

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The bands can be used for the exercises features in our Resistance Band Exercises for Wheelchair Users film or for yoga, warming up before exercising, strength training or physical therapy rehabilitation. They are designed for aerobic and anaerobic exercise, physical fitness and weight loss.

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