Resistance Bands – Ian’s Story

Ian is 50 and from Wendover, Buckinghamshire. Back in 2004 Ian suffered a very serious car accident that broke many bones, including his neck and back, which resulted in an injury of the cervical spinal cord and paralysis. His injury is described as C7 Tetraplegic, which means that all of his limbs are affected.

As he explains, “After my accident I did my rehab at the Stoke Mandeville spinal unit. I was in hospital for a total of 11 months, and spent 9 of those at Stoke. I did do some sports during rehab, but it was more focused on transfer skills, lifting and generally preparing me for my new life in a chair.

Ian is no stranger to Stoke Mandeville Stadium, as this is where he takes part in his favourite sport of Wheelchair Rugby. “I'm the club Chairman for the Stoke Mandeville Maulers Wheelchair Rugby team and I’ve now played for around 14 years! I love the tactics of the game, the fun combined with the fitness and being part of a team of like minded people.”

The closure of the stadium meant that the rugby sessions had to stop, which Ian has missed, but as he explains, they found new ways to stay fit during lockdown. “Alongside other members of the squad and I have been joining Ella Beaumont (star of many WheelPower Exercise Videos) to take part in weekly exercises via Zoom!”

After hearing about the programme from his fellow team mates, and through word of mouth from his friends in the community, Ian applied for a set of bands from WheelPower. They arrived soon after and Ian has since been incorporating the bands into his daily exercises and during his team workouts.

“I am lucky enough to have a spare room set up as a gym so I have been using my new bands in there. I also now use my new resistance bands during our weekly zoom meeting with Ella and the Maulers. I'm still not really sure which colour suits me best, so I will continue to use them a bit more and decide. I look forward to a time when the team are able to meet at Stoke Mandeville again and thank you WheelPower for providing me with these bands during lockdown.”

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Apply now for a set of resistance bands so that you can keep active at home during this difficult time. If your application is successful we will send you a resistance band set which will include hand grips, ankle straps and a door anchor that make it easier to target different muscle groups, including biceps and triceps, back and shoulders, chest and legs and abdominals. Resistance training builds resistive power in body muscles and there are many benefits to adding these exercises to your weekly routine.

The bands can be used for the exercises features in our Resistance Band Exercises for Wheelchair Users film or for yoga, warming up before exercising, strength training or physical therapy rehabilitation. They are designed for aerobic and anaerobic exercise, physical fitness and weight loss.

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