Sophie’s Story - Exercise at Home with WheelPower 2020

Sophie is 62 years old and a disabled nurse who currently works from home for a medical charity. She is also a technology volunteer with the RNIB helping blind/visually impaired clients with their accessibility needs, and a patient volunteer at her local hospital.

She has reduced mobility and finds walking and standing very difficult due to a combination of, widespread chronic pain and fatigue caused by fibromyalgia, chronic low back pain, osteoarthritis and degenerative spinal disc disease.

As she explains, “On bad days I can hardly move due to the severity of the pain and I cannot leave the house. This requires me to rest in bed or when able, use a second hand wheelchair to gently mobilise indoors.”

Sophie enjoys keeping fit and prior to the lockdown was a regular visitor to the local leisure centre. Exercise and keeping active is not just something Sophie enjoys but it also helps managing her symptoms.

“The gym and swimming is a big part of my life and I am missing it very much. Going twice a week to the pool was not only helping to reduce my pain and it was getting me fitter.”

Whilst she and her husband have been shielding during lockdown, Sophie was looking for online content to help her to stay active during this time and also to provide her with structure to her days. She was wondering what she could do to exercise at home within her limitations and after seeing the Adaptive Yoga class on Twitter she discovered WheelPower’s videos and hasn’t looked back since!

“I have found that doing home exercises has now become an important part of my ‘new’ weekly routine. The benefits of these workouts are that I can do them anytime and pause them when necessary. I get very stiff in my joints, muscles and soft tissues so moving and stretching them through a range of movements is helpful and important. I’ve definitely found the WheelPower videos helpful and I plan to keep doing them to supplement my swimming regime once I am allowed back in the pool.”

Sophie would thoroughly recommend the WheelPower content to other wheelchair users and has found herself taking part in new activities. She had never done any Adaptive Yoga before this time and has found Nina’s sessions really enjoyable. She is also a big fan of Ella’s high energy circuit workouts and has been a regular member of the WheelPower Café.

“Exercise is good both for mental wellbeing as well as physical health. I would definitely encourage other wheelchair users, or anyone with mobility issues who needs to sit down, to give these home exercises a go. It’ll put a smile on your face if nothing else, especially with Ella’s broomstick exercise!”

Sophie's Favourite WheelPower Exercises:

Exercise at Home with WheelPower

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