Angie Malone's Story (Part 3 - Returning to Stoke Mandeville)

Angie Malone MBE is a wheelchair curler from Glasgow. She has been to 4 Paralympic Games and 8 World Championships, winning many medals throughout her amazing sporting career. She is now retired but still very much involved in the sport, coaching the next generation of players in the game she loves so much. At the end of 2021 Angie joined the WheelPower team as the Physical Activity Advisor at the Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit in Glasgow. 

Heritage Flame Lighting and a return to Stoke Mandeville

“It is a real privilege to be coming down to Stoke Mandeville for the Heritage Flame Lighting Ceremony. To be able to represent the rest of the Paralympians and the team in Beijing is a really exciting time for us all.”

“It will be the first time I’ve been to Stoke Mandeville since 1983, when my eyes were first opened to wheelchair sport and where my sporting journey started. Although it is nearly 40 years ago since I came down and it feels like yesterday and I have been thinking about my time there a lot more lately. When Paralympics GB asked me to light the Heritage Flame I went back in time and I felt that I needed to come. I was drawn to be part of this experience and represent my fellow Paralympians. I hold Stoke Mandeville so dear to my heart and it’s going to be so very very special coming back. I’m really looking forward to it and seeing if I recognise anything at all from all those years ago.”

Archive photo: The Guttmann Sports Centre (circa 1980s)

The Beijing 2022 Wheelchair Curling Team

“The Paralympics GB team have been training full time at the National Curling Academy in Stirling throughout these challenging times and we really do have a fantastic team going out to Beijing. They are so determined and have some great experience on their team too. The adrenaline is going inside me already, they have a great chance and I’m really excited for them.”

Working for WheelPower

“I started working as physical activity advisor for WheelPower at the Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit in November 2021. It’s fantastic working with new patients, and I’m so proud to represent and be part of this brilliant charity. I love being able to introduce patients to new sports, and meeting up with outpatients in their own sporting environment too. Unfortunately, the pandemic has meant we haven’t been able to do as much as we would like so far but I am looking forward to doing lots more activities in the spinal unit soon.”

Final words from Angie ... 

“Sport has had an incredible empowering positivity in my life. I am passionate about others experiencing that positivity and ensuring sport is accessible and more engaging to all, regardless of age or ability. I would love to help inspire the next generation of elite sportspeople, but also, to encourage everyone to participate in sport, to allow them to enjoy all the physical and mental health benefits and fun that sport brings". 

“If you want to get involved in wheelchair curling (the best sports in the world, may I add!) then the first place you need to go is on to the Scottish curling website to find out about the come and try’s at rinks around the country. As well as in Scotland there are rinks in England too, at Preston and in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Join a club get on to the site and meet lots of great people, get competitive and have fun.” 

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